Sue and Company has facilitated the Business Model Canvas Suite for construction companies, print outlets, brick-and-mortar stores, and start-up companies. In all cases, the Canvas process has yielded remarkable outcomes. Companies have discovered they must find new markets to stay alive, validated their store location decision, needed to change their name to best reflect their product, needed to change their products because the customer has changed, and one, seeing how strong their position was, even raised their prices. In all, company leaders were relieved that "all these things" they have been trying to "keep in their head" was now on the wall for better review and discussion.

We will be happy to discuss facilitating the Canvas process with you. Each workshop runs approximately two to three hours. It is best to engage all four canvases over a two to four day period. This process is also excellent for top management retreats.

We appreciate some companies cannot allocate time for the entire suite, therefore, we would be glad to facilitate each canvas as a stand alone workshop.


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